Temi’s Tips


Going through a separation and divorce brings with it many emotional stages. Some of have likened a divorce to a death of a friend or family member. There are four main categories of emotional stages in a divorce: (1) shock (2) anger (3) sadness and (4) moving...

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New Year, New You

Now that the New Year and 2017 is upon us, it’s time to get started on our New Year’s resolutions. Have you thought about whether it’s time to end your marriage? Or whether it’s time to be happy again? Are you worried about the costs and stress associated with a...

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Attention Fathers!

Did you know that in Florida the mother is the sole custodian of a child when the child is born out of wedlock? So, if you and the mother of your child are not married, you have no rights without a court order establishing you as the father. Don’t let any more time...

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