Have you and your spouse decided on all the issue for your assets, debts and liabilities? Have you drafted your own Marital Settlement Agreement and/or Parenting Plan? Or has your spouse had an attorney draft a settlement agreement and you need an attorney to review for you?

divorcesmartesqsaying3At DivorceSmart, Esq., we offer flat rate services to review, edit, and provide feedback on your already drafted settlement agreement.  Document Review services start as low as $300.

Having your Marital Settlement Agreement and/or Parenting Plan reviewed by an attorney before you sign ensures your interests are protected. Family law documents, such as a Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan, will have a substantial impact on your finances, your future, and your children, and should be reviewed. Document review is also recommended any time you make changes to an agreement. DivorceSmart, Esq. document review services are available for an affordable price starting as low as $300, that includes document review by an attorney who understands the language used in marital settlement agreements and parenting plans.